Let ideal water flow and be the spring of your ideal life.

Pure and energized water right from your tap.

Filters out 99% of harmful contaminants

Balanced minerals from Shungite

Optimizes pH to slightly acidic

Energy from photonics crystals

Taste is only the beginning

Our mission is to produce high quality water filters that make it easier for people to healthy lifestyle by providing the purest and ideally balanced water, that has ideal chemical structure for the body to be absorbed and to be fully functional on intracellular-level.

Enabling faster detox, better nutrient intake, full hydration, eliminating free radicals, rejuvenating skin and keeping all the body functions and processes in good shape, all with attention to detail and exceptional quality while having environment in mind.

This way we want to bring a piece of nature home to you

Perfectly balanced water for maximal hydration


22 mol

This is low, very low, making one of the lightest waters on the market.


10 mg/L

Exceptionally high oxygen content.



Identical to the intercellular water in our bodies.


1,1 mg/L

Sodium content is among the lowest.


Toxins out
clean spring water in

We produce high quality water filtration systems. All the parts are carefully picked out and strictly tested and controlled to ensure best quality. Systems are assembled by hand in Germany and tested before we send them out. Our filtration process replicates nature which results in pristine clean and delicious water or as we call it water of long life. This expression is known in China for ages. According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the melt or rainwater from the high mountains has the highest quality and was therefore called “ideal water” or “water of long life”.

Toxin free with activated carbon coconut shells

Pure & fresh water thanks to osmosis

Energized with photonic crystals and mineralized with shungit

Delicious taste and enriched with oxygen swirling

Examples of installed Ideal Water Filter System in different enviroments

Ideal Water System

Installation upright in base cabinet


Installation in the gastronomy


Installation in a camping vehicle

Ideal Water fittings

3-way faucet

Ideal Water System

Horizontal installation in pull-out cabinet

Ideal Water System

Installation in a sink base unit

Ideal Water fittings

Stainless steel tap

Ideal Water System

Installation in an alcove

20+ years on
the market

produced by hand
small scale focus
on quality
10 years

Unique five stages of filtration that replicate nature


The whole process begins with set of 3 pre- filters with activated carbon coconut shells to remove rust, sand, debris, chlorine, pesticides, drugs, organic materials… these filters are being changed once a year to ensure that our system works properly without accumulating too many impure particles.

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Reverse osmosis has many layers of semipermeable membrane that only lets through water molecules. Strong pump presses the water though this membrane to assure best purity of the water – chemically flawless, clean with no harmful substances. Here we remove among others bacteria, viruses, hormones and antibiotics, micro-plastics, nitrates, heavy metals and achieve 99% H2O purity.

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In this stage we are using photonics crystals. These are loaded in our laboratory with a high frequency same as wavelengths of the sun, assuring to nulify water memory, this water thus regains full capacity to hydrate and detoxify.

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In this stage we are using mineral stones Shungit from Karelia. These stones are also known to remove harmful radiation, heavy metals, help to fight free radicals and has a detoxifying effects.

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Our specially designed stainless steel faucet assures the right swirling which enriches the water with oxygen. It is currently common to lower oxygen levels in water in public water systems because a higher level of oxygen causes pipe rusting. For us, it is ideal to drink water with oxygen levels around 6-8mg/L. This is the last step of water refinement which gives it a delicious taste.

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Trust the water you drink

Our customers report

faster metabolism

improved digestion

smoother skin

proper cell nourishment

Gerhard Rehheusser

Advantage Hotel Nuremberg
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Water is life: We just had our annual change of pre-filters. It’s hard to believe what all is being filtered out. We have been highly satisfied with our Ideal Water water purification system for 10 years now. We not only drink Ideal Water, we use it for everything in our household!

Margot Pfister

Park Hotel Schweinfurt
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Nature has given US ALL something incredibly valuable. Some think that they have to make this gift to all living beings, scarce, pollute, inappropriate and even use it as a weapon. But then there are some great guys

who are building a water filter that brings the purity, the strength and the healing power of water back to us. I thank the Ideal Water group very much for that. I run a café in Schweinfurt called Callisto – it has a glass washer, of course. This one was calcified very quickly. After about 8 days of using Ideal Water, the machine was like new – no more lime build- up anymore. Ideal Water is not just ideal – it’s brilliant!

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Heinrich Nemec

Medical doctor
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
2.5 liters of water cover the daily loss of fluid, serve to cleanse cells, intercellular tissues and eliminate waste products. I have an Ideal Water system in my practice and can confirm the excellent, bodyrelieving properties of Ideal Water.

Our water is used and recommended by professionals

Throughout the years we have been developing and improving our product to be the best. We have done several tests that confirm the quality and purity of the water as well as compare the results from other filters. If you are curious you can find the results of our tests here.


Dr. Elvan Erdal,

Doctor of Human Biology

With the filter system from Ideal Water, I have finally found a way to enjoy pure water and thus take responsibility for an important part of healthy living. What I have noticed in the process: I have an appetite for water, I excrete plenty, tea and coffee taste much better and I feel empowered in taking responsibility for my life. I like to offer this “special” water to my guests and patients.

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Dr. Michael Ehrenberger,

medical practicioner

Ideal Water has succeeded in developing a device that is capable of producing the best drinking water. The water is filtered, swirled and enriched with biophotons, all the advantages that only pure spring water has. For me, there is no better health care.

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János Hübschmann,

environmental pharmacist and health consultant

With the Ideal Water technology, it has been possible to refine tap water into first-class spring water – and at home. For me, an ideal water system is the ideal solution for ideal water!

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Peter Aghakhan

Physiotherapist and water filling station

I am convinced that only highly purified water can optimally fulfil its function as a means of transport in the body. And I am against the ecological madness of transporting our drinking water across Europe.
That’s why I use a drinking water system from IDEAL WATER, am a Water4Life water filling station and support Water4Life’s ‘Join in and Drink Yourself Fit – Project’.

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What’s in your
tap ?

Water is a vital element for us and everything living on this planet.

Due to fast-paced lifestyle and increased pollution in the environment it is now very seldom to find naturally pure water like it was in the past. Water can help us to transport nutrients, detox, hydrate but all this is always compromised as soon as pollution, impurities and chemicals sneak in.



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