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What makes IDEAL WATER systems so special?


IDEAL WATER uses reverse osmosis, which has been proven for 50 years, to free the water from all existing impurities.
In reverse osmosis, the water to be purified is forced through a membrane at high pressure. This semi-permeable, compact membrane prevents even microscopic heavy metals, pesticides, microplastics, and volatile organic compounds from slipping through. Even fluoride and lead are out of luck. They all go straight down the drain. A high-quality reverse osmosis system can remove up to 99% of the pollutants in tap water, producing the purest water possible.

But is ultrapure water also "ideal water"?


Let’s look at the natural water cycle for comparison. In nature’s cycle, water is purified of impurities by evaporation (distillation) because only water (H2O, consisting of two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen) can change its aggregate state from liquid to gas. Solids and impurities thus remain behind.
The sun enlivens water with vital photons, the vibration of light. Stones in riverbeds, dissolved minerals, give it its natural flavor. The swirling increases the inner surface of the water, enriching it in this way with oxygen. It is free of pollutants, rich in oxygen and energy.
Here it becomes clear that reverse osmosis can consequently replace only the step of evaporation and lacks the other natural components of the water cycle.Both reverse osmosis and distillation devices lack the water revitalization by photons, the slight remineralization, as well as the oxygen enrichment by means of turbulence that occurs in the natural water cycle.
This is exactly where the patented IDEAL WATER technology comes in.
The water is freed from all impurities by the proven reverse osmosis and refined to IDEAL WATER by the patented IDEAL WATER technology.
The water is filtered, swirled and enriched with biophotons.
These are advantages that otherwise only pure spring water has. The entire treatment process thus consists of four steps:
– Water purification by pre- and molecular filtration
– water revitalization by photons, the oscillation of light
– Remineralization through schungite rock
– Oxygen enrichment through turbulence.

The advantages at a glance:

Patented technology
IDEAL WATER technology combines molecular filtration, proven for more than 50 years, with the best and latest methods of water purification.

The combination of molecular filtration with remineralization by schungite, revitalization with photons and oxygenation by turbulence represents a unique selling point.

The result: purest, living, great-tasting water from your own waterworks in virtually unlimited quantities.

IDEAL WATER Direct Flow Systems

The IDEAL WATER direct-flow filtration system is designed specifically for households with limited space and/or increased water demand. The filtration capacity is approximately 1.5 liters per minute.
The direct flow process produces fresh water whenever you tap it. It is Ideal water from your own source.

Shapely faucet made of full stainless steel

The IDEAL WATER faucet is made of stainless steel. This gives you the assurance that no alloys are used which may contain heavy metals such as copper, lead or chromium and release them into the water.

If it is not possible to install the separate stainless steel faucet, we recommend so-called 3-way faucets.

IDEAL WATER – Certified components
We use only branded components of certified manufacturers.
– All fittings and water-carrying pipes are NSF certified.
– All seals are silicone seals according to the highest FDA standard (FDA: Food- and Drug-Administration).

Certified filtration performance
The IDEAL WATER – system protects you safely against uranium, heavy metals, pesticides, nanoplastic particles, nitrate, drug residues and many other contaminants in drinking water!
We will gladly provide you with the respective test reports upon request.
High quality Ideal Water Membrane
The IDEAL WATER – membrane is the heart of the filtration.
Only quality membranes of European manufacture with NSF certification and made of original FilmTec material are used.

Additional Aquastop
Included in the delivery of our systems is an Aquastop (also called water stop). This is a safety mechanism that, in the event of water leakage in the system, cuts off the water supply directly at the IDEAL WATER system inlet valve to prevent flooding.
IDEAL WATER – Integrated germ barrier
A germ barrier is integrated in our IDEAL WATER systems upstream of the tapping valve.
This ensures that no germs, bacteria or spores get into the Ideal Water. It prevents the system from being recontaminated by the tap.

Maintenance of Quick Change Filters
Quick Change filters consist of a filter head and a filter cartridge. They offer maximum hygienic safety. When the respective filter medium is changed, the housing is also automatically replaced, as the filter and housing form a single unit. This eliminates the cleaning and disinfection of the housing interior that is otherwise required with conventional systems.
The filters can be conveniently changed by the operator. Maintenance costs are reduced accordingly.

TÜV safety inspection
Safety in a filtration system is extremely important. TÜV Nord successfully carried out a pressure load test on an IDEAL WATER system. The system only burst at the very high pressure of 40 bar.

IDEAL WATER – Fits in every kitchen
An IDEAL WATER system fits into any kitchen. The space-saving design of the waterworks with a width/height of only 14 cm allows you to conveniently install it under your sink or under the baseboard of your kitchen.
Our detailed installation and operating instructions make it easy to install and maintain your system.

Solid workmanship “Handmade in Germany”
IDEAL WATER – water enhancement systems are installed in a solid metal frame. This effectively protects the attached parts from external damage.
Each system is carefully manufactured piece by piece by hand in Germany and tested for function in our technical department before delivery.

20 years of experience speak for us
IDEAL WATER has more than two decades of experience in building water filtration systems. IDEAL WATER therefore knows which details to pay attention to when building high-quality water filter systems.
The IDEAL WATER Group delivers what it promises and is happy to serve its customers.

IDEAL WATER – Team of experts
Ideal Water works with leading and renowned experts in the field of drinking water and health. In this way, the latest findings are always incorporated directly into the development of our quality products.

What is the return on investment in an Ideal Water System?

With an Ideal Water System you not only do the best for your and your loved ones’ health – you even save a small fortune in a period of 10 years and help to avoid the plastic madness.
Apart from the savings, you will have ideal water for making coffee, tea, delicious soups and meals. Even your pets, plants and flowers will thank you.
In the following example calculation we assume a 3 person household and a water consumption of 2 liters per person.
Explanation: In this example calculation, the initial investment in an Ideal Water system and the annual costs for replacement filters are fully included.

The system is ideally installed standing up under the kitchen sink in the base cabinet, but it can also be installed in another base cabinet, or side room up to 5 meters away from the sink.
If there is not enough space, the system can be installed lying under the skirting board of the kitchen due to its small width. This requires a height of at least 150 mm.
The stainless steel water stainless steel faucet is usually installed directly next to your standard water tap in the kitchen sink.
If the sink is made of ceramic or a material in which it is not possible cannot be drilled, the stainless steel faucet can be installed in the countertop.
Alternatively, there is the possibility the installation of a “3-way faucet faucet” to replace your Water Faucet” . This faucet has 3 water circuits (cold water, hot water, ideal water). Please refer to our webshop for the surcharges for the 3 way faucets.
Each water system is individually tested for function and tightness before delivery, so that only the 3 connections (cold water connection, waste water connection and tap connection) have to be made during installation.
The Ideal Water systems are thus delivered ready for connection, including all necessary connection adapters and hose connections (5 m).
The Ideal Water Systems are delivered with a shapely stainless steel design faucet, incl. integrated swirl unit. This is installed directly in the sink.

Can I install the Ideal Water system, or does a plumber have to install it?

If you are a skilled do-it-yourselfer, you can of course install the Ideal Water System yourself. The process is simple and we provide detailed installation instructions. Ideal Water has a unique modular design that makes self-installation much easier than other water filters on the market. However, with any plumbing related installation, there is always the possibility of flooding. If you’re not sure you can do the installation yourself, contact a local professional to install your Ideal Water system for you. This does not have to be a plumber. Anyone who installs a washing machine or dishwasher can install the Ideal Water System. Rest assured that our Ideal Water team is always here for you. Email us anytime at [email protected].

I am a tenant, can I still install an Ideal Water system?

The Ideal Water System is located under your sink and connects to a separate drinking water faucet. If your landlord does not agree to drill a hole to install the stainless steel faucet, you can install the Ideal Water System with one of our 3-way faucets.

How is maintenance carried out and what are the follow-up costs?

The systems are basically very low-maintenance.
The three pre-filters have to be changed at least once a year for a 2 to 4 person household.
The molecular membranes work, if the pre-filters are changed regularly and depending on the water quality, for approx. 5 to 8 years.
The pre-filters are so called quick-change filters (screw-turn-locks) and can be easily changed by yourself, which saves technician and travel costs.
We recommend ordering the annual filter subscription directly with the order. This can be cancelled at any time with a notice period of 4 weeks to the renewal period by mail.

Does a Ideal Water System waste water?

Kind of, not really… well, it’s complicated. The reverse osmosis process is one of the most powerful purification processes on earth. To answer the question, we need to take a step back to fully understand how the filter works. Using concentrated pressure, water is pushed through an RO (reverse osmosis) membrane: a semi-permeable, compact filter that even micro-sized heavy metals, pesticides and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can’t slip through. All of the nasty toxins are forced one way, and pure water is forced the other way. The dirty, toxin ridden water, also referred to as grey water, is sent packing down your drain pipe. You are left with pristine drinking water. So, does a Ideal Water System waste water? Technically yes, the ratio of dirty water to clean drinking water is about 1:1. This is also the reason we only recommend using the RO process for drinking and cooking water supplies and not whole house systems. And while the dirty water is technically “waste” we would argue that grey water is unfit for human consumption anyhow. Read more about the benefits of reverse osmosis here.

How does Ideal Water prevent micro-plastics?

Ideal Water removes all microplastics and nanoplastics from tap water and prevents plastic leaching. The plastic components within the system are all composed of food-grade, BPA-free, plastics. The system is composed of multiple filtration stages that trap microplastics and prevent them from reaching your glass. Microplastics range in size, but the smallest (nanoplastics) has a measurement of roughly 0.001-0.1 micron.
Our reverse osmosis membrane has a pore size of roughly 0.0001 micron. So, the filter membrane is 10-1000x smaller than even the smallest nanoplastic.
Plastic-free, pure, healthy water, in your glass!

Where do I install the Ideal Water System?


The IDEAL WATER® water system is ideally installed in the kitchen directly in the sink base cabinet. However, it is also possible to install the system in another cabinet or even in a storage room adjacent to the kitchen. In this case, it may be necessary to drill holes and install longer hoses.

As standard, we supply the system with 1.5 m long hoses for installation under the sink. If you need longer hoses, you can order them in the store by the meter.

Water tap:
The system is usually installed with a separate stainless steel tap. This stainless steel tap is usually installed directly next to the standard tap in the kitchen sink.

If the sink is made of ceramic or a material in which it is not possible to drill a hole, the stainless steel tap can be installed in the worktop. If it is made of stone, a 14 mm hole would have to be drilled into the worktop by a specialist.

Alternatively, there is the option of installing a “three-way tap”. You can also find the various models in the store.

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