Let ideal water flow and be the spring of your ideal life.

Ideal water from your own home spring

Nature is our model

In nature, the first step in the natural filtration of water is evaporation. At this stage most of the heavy particles are released, and the water vapor is thus naturally cleaned of these impurities.

In the next step, water in its gaseous state is energized by solar radiation and then reaches the earth’s surface through the atmosphere in the form of rain, snow or hail.

As the water falls back down, it will go underground through layers of soil, rocks and sand which purifies and enriches the water further.

Wherever now water springs out and collects – seas, rivers, lakes, ponds or pools, the sun breathes life into it, precisely with the help of photons.

Based on research on biophotons by the Russian scientist Alexander G. Gurvič, we know that light impulses represent the original source of energy for life. These impulses are also in food we eat. Our cells use them to communicate and control cellular processes.

Stones in mountain rivers eventually slightly mineralize the water, the water here is also naturally aerated and enriched with oxygen by the turbulence. Water as a natural product has given life to humans, viruses and plants for millions of years. In this way high quality water is created in nature.

Pure, fresh water that is full of energ.

Five stages of patented processing,
from drinking tap water to ideal water:

1. Pre-filtration

Before the water goes through the filtration process through the molecular membrane, it is necessary to make sure that there are no bigger particles. For this purpose we use set of 3 pre -filters.

First two are a particle filter and a macro filter, these are used to remove 99,99% of all visible sediments like rust, sand and debris. The third, the activated carbon coconut shells filter, then removes various chemical impurities, especially chlorine, pesticide and organic material.

This pre-filtration is especially important because of the protection of the molecular filter membrane, which is the basis of filtration. If the water flows directly into the molecular membrane and the pre-filling process is omitted, the presence of impurities would have a negative impact on the life of the membrane. These 3 filters are quick-change filters, where the installation takes place with the help of screw caps and can therefore be changed very easily and quickly. This saves the user the cost of a technician’s trip to replace the filter. The replacement should always be done after filtering 4000 liters, or at least once a year.

2. Molecular filtration – reverse osmosis

After pre-filtration, the water flows through a molecular filter, which removes up to 99 percent of all possible pollution. Pore sizemembrane corresponds to the size of a water molecule, and therefore the filter system is able to capture all substances that are larger than individual water molecule. The result is highly pure water, which is subsequently refined. This step removes among others drug residues, hormones and antibiotics, pesticides, chemicals, bacteria and viruses, microplastics, nitrates and heavy metals.

After this filtration stages we have CHEMICALLY FLAWLESS WATER – but it is ENERGETICALLY DEAD. That’s why we have these additional steps in the process:

3. Water treatment with photonic crystals

Photonic crystals go through a special process in order to constantly emit light pulses with the same frequency as sunlight. This is cleaning water from energy pollution. With the help of these crystals, the vibration (frequency) of the foton is transferred to the water and enriches it in the same way as the sun naturally enriches water in nature. This unique process gives our water system the ability to produce really high-quality and tasty water.

4. Shungite remineralization

Shungit is a polymineral rock found only in one place, namely in northwestern Russia in the area called Karelia. Medicine attributes extraordinary properties to shungite and it is often referred to as a natural phenomenon. It belongs to rare fullerenes and contains almost all elements of the periodic table. Thanks to its composition and properties, shungite not only cleans water, but also modifies its energy and information structure and enriches it with trace elements important for the human body. For these and many other reasons, shungite is one of our steps in filtration process and serves mainly for re-mineralization and enrichment of already filtered water. Water enriched with shungite detoxifies and has power to remove harmful radiation, heavy metals and fights free radicals.

5. Oxygen enrichment and water vitalization by whirling

The natural effect of whirling in river streams is achieved with the help of a special Power Wibler device built directly in our faucets. Similar to nature, the inner surface of the water is increased and enriched with oxygen. Higher oxygen level in water helps with flushing toxins out, faster sport recovery and gives water delicious taste.


By integrating the Ideal Water water filter into your own household, you avoid strenuous handling of bottled water, containers, and subsequent recycling of plastic waste is eliminated.

Our filtration system in one household will save around 3000 plastic bottles a year.

Ideal Water systems are carefully handcrafted in Europe for European market.

They are thoroughly tested before shipment. Here, Ideal Water bets on quality – uncompromisingly and unconditionally.

It starts with pipe connectors and pressure valves, continues through filters, membranes, and faucets. Everything in the world can be produced a little cheaper somewhere. But we don’t want to make things cheaper, but rather better and more durable.

Ideal Water wants its customers to supply water that is fulfilling the highest quality requirements. For this, it is absolutely necessary to use only high-quality components and to constantly take modern technical developments into account. Every year we go to the international water market, so that we can check the usability and quality of new inventions and systems.